Monday, March 27, 2006

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Firsts things first BLAOW!!!!!!

There are so many things to consider when you have therapy, like is this dumbass actually listening or are they drawing pornographic pictures of you.
I have gone through therapy for most of my life and this space is mine to try to work things out and maybe get feedback from others to find out how to be a better person and to cope in general without being a wuss about it and go on whining.
These links and have been a safe haven for comedy relief and outlet for a lighter kind of therapy as these comedians have a way of working out their personal hurts and problems through the comedy they do on stage and screen. I watched Titus while it was on the Fox channel and then after it was cancelled I bought the seasons on DVD and forgot how brilliantly they were written and produced with the sharpest of wit only disfunction could bring. Then with dana gould, his standup is living proof as well that pain can be funny and therapeutic as he wove tales of breakups, insecurities and phobias that were twisted to make you laugh at what normally would break a persons spirit and dive to depression. My hat is off to these two wonderful comedians. They have pushed comedy to new arenas and unexplored territories, publicly, that others only joke about in private.